Valpey Fisher

Valpey Fisher is a world-leading technology company specializing in low noise timing solutions. From discrete high precision crystal oscillators to highly integrated, low noise timing modules, Valpey Fisher offers its customers a broad array of frequency control products to meet their precision timing needs.

Today, Valpey Fisher is expanding into higher frequency, lower phase noise timing solutions, high performance RF/Microwave components, integrated modules and ultrasonic transducers. Valpey Fisher’s broad product offering addresses a wide range of end markets including wireless and wireline infrastructure, microwave radio, military communications, instrumentation, imaging and industrial applications.

  • Valpey Fisher Frequency Control – Timing and synchronization solutions to optical networking, wireless infrastructure, avionics, test and measurement.
  • Valpey Fisher Microwave Products – High performance RF/Microwave components and integrated modules for microwave point-to-point, wireless infrastructure, military communications and more.
  • Valpey Fisher Ultrasound – Ultrasonic transducers used in nondestructive testing, flaw detection, thickness gauging, acoustic microscopy, particle sizing and medical diagnostics.

Valpey Fisher is an ISO9001:2000 approved organization with its corporate headquarters located in a 32,000 square foot research, engineering and manufacturing facility in Hopkinton, MA.